some good climbing things?

Vegas Chad

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Darci and I make a few climbing grids for each of our chams with cheap wood dowels that you get at lowes or the depot. You can also go buy bird ladders… Same thing… Just depends on how much you wana pay, how many you need and if you want to put the time into it.


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i use bambo from home depot its like 3.00 for 5-6 pices when you get it home cut it to the dimensions of your choice then soak them in the tub with about a 1/4 cap of bleach after they have soaked for about 30 minutes put them out in the sun for a few days. this also works for natural limbs


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russian olive tree branches are free and work great ,more realistic to vines
as well.clean them well first though.


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I like to buy the dried grapevine wreaths that they sell at walmart or craft stores for just a few bucks.

If you soak them in the tub in hot water for a few hours they become pretty pliable. Then you can bend them however you want and pin them to the cage walls with cable ties.


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some people have rope trails hanging in there cages but I don't know if they could snag a nail on it


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I've got a question for the bamboo users. Do you rough it up in anyway? The stuff I've seen at Lowes and HD always appeared to be too slick for a cham.

If people use it straight out of the store with no modification other than cutting, then chams must have a better grip than I give them credit for. If thats the case, then I'm gonna go buy a piece! I figured they needed more texture.


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You can always gather branches and sticks from outside. Wash them with soap and water. Then bake at 200-250*F for a couple of hours. This will help kill any unwanted things that maybe in the branch. You can drill little holes in the end. This will allow you to use wire ties or twist ties to attach it to the screen. You can get an assortment of sizes and shapes. I mix the real branches with some fake vines.
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