Some Advice please


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ok soooo
my journey into chameleon parenthood has had a rough start.
Lexi is owever doing better. Her cage stays on avverade 78*-84*f during theday with 67%-87% humidity. Night temps are 64*-73*f and about 51%-60% humidity at night
she is eating more, today she ate 20 crix. yesterday 15 crix. she is shedding a lot though. twice in the past month is this normal? crix. are dusted with calcium powder every day a few waxys were left in there last night and were gone by late this afternoon. how am i doing? ay suggestions?
Sounds good. Two sheds in a month is fine, she is probably growing a lot. Her shedding rate will slow down as she reaches full size. How are her drinking habits?

Now that you are getting a grasp on your cham's environment, you should make sure you are providing the proper nutrition. What are you feeding your crickets? Have you tried silkworms? Are you using Vitamin and Mineral supplements - If so, how often?

Have any pics? :)
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