Solving a picky cats drinking habit... help


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Good morning...

I have a picky cat! With that being said I'll explain what's happening. She's been in our family for 6 years. Every since we've had her she's been able to have her own drinking dish. Now that we've moved a couple of times, brought in our little dog about 4 years ago, she hasn't played very nice with the sharing game.

She started stealing our drinking water and drinking out of the cup. We fixed hat by buying those $4 cups with straw and lid. Now that we moved again, we picked up an automatic watering dish for the dog and cat to share. But our picky spoiled cat wont let our dog drink out of the dish.... SHE LAYS ON IT! Then seats at our dog for getting close.

His is the only time they disagree about stuff. They sleep together, play together, but wont share the water dish.

So here's my thought and seeing what others think. We're in a tiny apartment and there's not many places to put her litter box at. So I'm thinking about making a cat tree with a litter box hideaway. I'm thinking about making a designated shelf to put a separate water dish and her food dish on.
We don't have drinking/sharing issues but I have done something to ensure there isn't a problem and everyone gets plenty if water opportunities. We have an automated water bowl which I see them both use occasionally..
Just to be sure they drink I leave the bathroom sink faucet dripping... I see them drink from that alot!!!! I didn't want to start it but now I know they're getting plenty of water... ;)
That is bizarre that she plays with the dog, but does not want to share the water. Usually if they are that aggressive about something like water/food, they normally do not play together with their roommates.

I agree and maybe putting it in such a spot the dog cannot get to. If she's used to the fountain ones, I'd get one of those for that too.

Drinkwell 360's are amazing! (stainless steel). ALL of the cats love that thing. It can have 1-5 spouts, I usually do 2-3. 5 the water doesn't come out as nice.

I do bengal cat rescues and have 3 of my own. But right now I have a pair of brothers I'm fostering and one of them will dip his paws in the water bowl and drink from his paws...Takes about 5 times as long to get enough water and he makes a mess Lol.
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