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So I am getting confused on which solarmeter to get. There are 2 of them for sale on They have a 6.2 and a 6.5 and I am not sure which is the one I should be looking at. Can someone please help me out?
You want the new 6.5, its most sensitive in the bone building part, and will warn you if you have a bad bulb that is putting out way to much bottom uvb or uvc. The 6.2 is only sensitive in the upper uvb section.

It reads in UVI (UV INDEX). You want the reading to be a 5 at the top of the tank and a 1.0 2/3 from the bottom if you can.

the uv index is µW/cm² divided by 40 but for indoor lighting is more of 30.

6.0 is a sunny day in the northern hemisphere. 9.0 is a VERY sunny day in Madagascar, but no cham would be running around in full sun in the middle of summer.
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