So I don't need a basking light in the summer right?


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from what I read as long as it's at least 65 in my house in the summer which it's easily 75 if not 80, he'd be ok?:confused:
for older juvies to adult veileds and panthers ususally -if he/she gets sunshine , pretty much...florida people have it awsome too:cool:

but the weather can be pretty whacky and if it gets too hot i would leave mine inside or leave them out with plenty of shade anda a misting system to keep them cool and hydrated...JMHO

with babies i think it should be inside and have a basking spot
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as long as its not too hot like 90 and above all dam day, lol , i always supply a basking area for my chams..its like the same thing for you to grab a jacket if you feel chilly( they always need a way to control body temps)..just imo...
Id say most chameleons that do bask would prefer and benefit from a basking spot year long regardless of the ambient air temps which can be controlled some way or another. Outside may be a different story the sun produces natural basking spot.Most houses are at least 65f in the winter time id imagine as well.
Wouldn't a light heat up the whole enclosure thou?

if you place it in the middle of the cage yes...but its a basking spot , so you place the light on one of the top corners of the cage , and with good amount of foilage with live plants, the temperature varies in the cage, plus misting also changes it...i use a infrared temp gun
Along with your chameleon needing a basking light to properly thermoregulate it also provides UVA that stimulates appetite. So in short, yes you need a basking site. You may want to lower the wattage of the bulb in the summer but IMO, and I only keep montanes which some say do not need them at all, you need a basking site year round.
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