So i built my first VIV.. tell me what you think


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I have been building a 20Gal Tall for some pygmys. I Never have done this before, tell me what you think!

here it is almost completely finished

and here it is with a few more plants and the gravel
I'm brand new to pygmy's as well. While doing my research I learnt that for brevs, lots of horizontal pathways (sticks) are good, so maybe a few more sticks. Also if you have a female and male you're going to want some more soil instead of all those rocks, that way the female will have areas where she can lay in case she becomes gravid.
Good luck with everything! :D


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can't quite tell how you made the bottom of your tank, but you need a drainage layer otherwise it will just become a muddy mess

Are your plants in soil planters surrounded by the gravel? The soil should not be on the very bottom of the tank, you should have 1-2" of just gravel down there to allow the water to drip fully through the soil (and then evaporate back up and be absorbed over time rather than keeping it all wet)

Raphael is probably referring to pillow moss, but I would not put any in there as a beginner (it takes some time to learn how to water it right without overwatering and turning it into a muddy bacterial mess)

Looks like you are on the right track overall though, good number of branches (more is always better though you have a sufficient amount I think). You might consider adding some more foliage to the central area...the more hiding places they have, the more often you will actually see them (as they will feel more comfy moving around rather than staying under the few spots they have to hide in).....I can't quite tell what plant that is in the middle, but it almost looks like mint? a simple pothos would function very well there

also, as reptigeek said, you will need a soil layer for your females to lay eggs in. they can't lay in that gravel.
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