So happy

Awww today my heart melted. I opened Charlie’s ( he is nearly 4 month old) door to attach another vein in his Enclosure and he came down from the top and walked right on my head. He is still not to sure of my hand and try’s to run the other way but that probably will come with time. He made my Day today ❤️
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Congrats! It is a good sign he's curious. Don't get discouraged about him being shy about your hands, and don't get discouraged if he goes into a teenager stage either. Teenager stages can include many things, but becoming a little more territorial is sometimes one of them. I'm hoping that my little guy is in that right now, and that he'll be more curious/trusting of me in the future months, but time will tell. The biggest common trend I've seen is that hand feeding is by far one of the best things you can do to let them know you (and your hands) are the food source and not a predator, lol. I was in touch with a girl who would hold worms/crickets almost up to her elbow on her arm, and perch her arm to the enclosure and hold it still as long as it took for her cham to climb on her arm to get the worm/cricket. She swore that this was the only thing that got them to the point of her being able to handle him at all.
That is a step in the right direction. Congrats. I still get so happy every time my guy walks on to me. Such an awesome thing to bond with a chance because of all the time it takes to build the trust. Congrats and great job!
Thank you guys. It is by far the best feeling ever to know he is slowly trusting me. I hand feed him every morning and he takes about 1-2 feeders out of my hand but then had enough lol. The rest will go in the feeder cup.
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