So Bella and Rango did a Thing Today 6/13/21


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I am so thrilled that my friend, Marianna, will keep the Luie and Camille bloodline going. Luie and Camille were my first veiled chameleons and I’ve had a long line of their off spring for many years. I now have quite a few of their relatives and not an unrelated pair to breed so Marianna is keeping the line going. Many of you may know Marianna and her famous MBD chameleon Sweet Pea. Marianna is a totally awesome lady! Many thanks to her for breeding. It was her first time to breed. Her sweet boy Rango is getting older and she wanted a Rango baby.

Rango and Bella


Look at Bella’s tail wrapped around Rango’s 💕





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Bella’s tail wrapped around Rango’s has to be the sweetest thing! 🥰
That is so great that the blood line will continue.

Thanks Vikki! I’m praying that all goes well with the eggs and egg laying.


Thank you Emily!


When first saw thread title I thought something different 😅😅😊

Thank you! What did you think when you saw the title?

How precious! 😍😍😍

Congrats! 🎉

Thank you for you kind words, Faith!
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