Snot? Dropped out of his nose?


pascal my 3 yr old male veiled chameleon leaned down to snag a hornworm and a single drop of liquid dropped smoothly out of his nostril, at first glance i thought it was water but it had a bubble in it so it led me to believe it was some sort of mucus. what is this and what could it mean? or is it normal? i’ve never seen this happen before. he had just eaten a hornworm right before that so maybe some of its juices made it up his nose and dripped out?


is it at all possible that when he bite into the hornworm some of the worm came through his nose? a chameleon's nose is just two holes that go into there mouth.
yeah i mentioned that it could be that, i just wanted to ask on here just in case something was wrong


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I would suspect you saw some hornworm goo but to be on the safe side I would continue to monitor him for any signs of a respiratory tract infection for the next several days. Look for ropy saliva and/or breathing noises like popping noises or rasps.


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You've got all the advice you need already. Hornworms are mostly liquid, so keep that in mind. Observe and go from there.
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