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i was wondering, wuts a big snake, like really big like that GTP or somthing, not to hard to take care in not to hard like not imposible for a 13 yr old to do. im sure alot of you saw my thread about stuey, and i want to learn more abbout reptiles before i get another cham. if u have pics post them plz:eek:

Edit: snake project, i acumulated over 100 dollars this week, at my shop they sell honduran milksnakes and ball pythons and a few ptehr snakes i think, it would be really cool to have a long living pet, a large pet, maybe an iguana, not somthing imposible to take care of, if these are to hard for me plz speak up.
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Although I have never kept them before, but I have done some slight work caring for them, GTPs and ATBs are NOT a good starter snake. 98%+ are not able to be handled except with tongs. They are hard to get eating and can be picky eaters as far as what they like: birds, rats, mice, gerbils etc.

DO NOT get an iguana. DO NOT!

Milksnakes can be VERY flighty and fast. They are escape artists and many do not calm down with age. Cornsnakes and ball pythons are a much better snake for you.
I would have to agree with Will. Having owned several snakes over the years (redtailed boa, ball python, corn, garter) I would have to say the best choice for someone getting into snakes is the corn snake. :cool:

They are rather docile and easy to care for, and while there is of course some care involved it is not so much as with a chameleon. Feeding is 1x a week, make sure the water stays clean and full, clean the aspen bedding when it gets dirty. You will need a tank with a source of heat and good locking screen lid. As far as size, they can become rather long in the 4 foot range some reporting larger. However they have no real reason to cause concern over weather he will try and eat the family cat. :rolleyes:

We actually got a corn snake for our 7yo son this Christmas that he cares for under my guidance. He wanted a reptile that he could help take care of and of course handle.... his choices were either a corn snake or leopard gecko. My 10yo chose a chameleon (his choices were a corn, leopard gecko, or cham) but he has the understanding that they aren't pets for handling etc.

If your looking for more info on corns i suggest much like this forum its full of great info. You may even be able to look up a breader local to your area.... the color choices and ranges in the world of corn snakes is quite large.

Free free to message me if you need/want any more info... Best of luck in your search for a new reptile.

First of all....they get too big! You need an entire bedroom sized enclosure for a full grown iguana.
A full grown adult can be 6 feet long. Also very labor intensive daily food prep. (chopping vegetables and fruit).
Most people buy an iguana as a baby and have no idea what they are getting into.
At the reptile humane society here in Colorado, aside from red eared sliders, iguanas are the most relenquished animal. They have a ton of them and they are hard to adopt out due to the society's stringent requirements for adoption. Here is the web address for the Colorado Reptile Humane Society:
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lol i forgot to say i wasnt gonna get an iguana, lol i was reading a caresheet for them and it said it needs a cage the size of my room when it grew up and i was like "screw that thats huge"

im getting a ball python tomorow i have a cage set up, all criteria met, im making sure im apsolutly ready this time.

im getting him tomorow, ima name him Andreas after my girlfriend :D

i havnt seen her so she doesnt know stueys dead....:( shes on vacation :(

they get up 2 four feet long....they could probobl eat my dog or cat. that would suck
A Ball python can likey reach 6 feet long aswell, but they are still within reasonable size and temperment to care for. However with any bulky snake that grows to these sizes, 5 feet or so, you MUST only handle it out of the cage when you have a partner with you. This is a must.
here are a couple of my ball python both over 4 feet long and my male is evil i can't reach my hand in the cage without him trying to tag me. the largest thing i feed them are medium rats


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ok cool, my friends ball python is having a shedding problem, and ima go see if i can help him, i hope i can, i couldnt help stuey :(

i suspect humidity problems his cage looks so dry...

Edit: im goin to pick up my ball python in a few hours :D so exciting

they have this litle GTP at the store, so cute...well nto really but u know. id love to ge except for A its 500$ and B its probobly 2 hard 2 take care of

also about lighting...they didnt explain that to well in caresheet, wut should the lihgting be? they said since they are nocturnal they dont need UV, wut kidn of light? mi using a 15 gallon tank wut wat....heat mat? flukers heat mat? heat during the night, its freezing here now, right now im just gonna laeve the light on in the day, ceramic. maybe nite 2
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ball python only need a daytime light. and the heat pad should be fine for heat. tell your friend to let his snake soak in warm water for a couple hours and that should help him shed. the 15 gallon tank would be fine for small ball under 2 ft. i keep mine in 55gallon tank during the summer and tupperware bin during the winter for cool down. good luck and make sure it is eating
yea he found out like the yesterday lol, went over there to help him he soaks him, he named his jackson, samuel L. jackson, after the guy in snakes on a plane lol
mine are named Persophone, Anubis, Yormie, and Discord. Discord is one of my females and is het for albino.she is an expensive snake and only a baby
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