Ball Python

Show are good if you knw what to look for. Some people at show have no business sell stuff. But snakes are easy just don't get one with kinks and remember they will haggle in price. The last day of the show is better prices. My buddy has a table at the two close ones to me so I go with him and help out. So I knw most of the vendors. Last show I went to they had anacondas which I haven't seen before. Last show went to my daughter got a Uroplatus phantasticus which is really cool but pricey.
But pwtsmart and petco don't sell any good looking ones. I have a local pet store that sell the good ones but are very costly. I know the people that run that store and they get all there reptiles from shows and resell. I see them at show all the time cause I goto show every month to look. Also like to see busy bee chameleon
I have this local place called CountryMax, they have some pretty good snakes, and they actually take pretty good care of them, and keep them healthy.(at least my CountryMax does) So I might buy one from there.
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