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One of my chameleons had its tail smashed in a 1/4 inch size half way through his tail between two rocks while outside, its was kind of a hard smash in my opinion. Theres some brusing around the area it was smashed. Is there anything a vet can do or is this a wait it out horror story.Ive never had anything like this happen before and im seriously freaking out. He can bend the tail but cantfully curl it at the tip it seems. Any info would seriously help.......:confused::( he is 9 months, god im so disappointed this happened. I'm planning on going to the vet asap ust wanted other opinions.
I closed my chameleon's tail in the door(I freakd out too) and it turned black about 2 inches up. Within a few days the bruising slowly started going away. He was able to curl it up all the way though. I probably would not run to the vet yet. If it becomes necrotic looking or infected I would then of course. Maybe wait it out a few days and see what happens.
He is already using the tip to curl and its not bruised as much 2inches, and now doesnt seem to bother him to much except that part thats bruised. Trying to give as much info as possible. This is a slight relief, still freaking but ill continue to look for any infections, our different behavior.
I am just telling you what I would do personally. I have seen other chameleons on here with tail injuries as well and they don't always warrant vet attention if they are just bruised. He will probably be fine. Like I said just keep an eye on it(you will probably be shining a flashlight in the cage tonight lol) and see how it goes. There is not much a vet can do if it is just bruised.
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