Slumped over scare?

Edit: his wound was swollen before and has actually deflated since his procedure. Don’t panic!

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - 3yr old Male panther
Handling - Currently once a day due to medications, otherwise it’s probably once a month.
Feeding - Crickets, dubias, hornworms, supers, wax as treat. Usual Common food is 12 medium crickets every other day with 2-3 Dubias once a week. Vet told me to give him hornworms often right now to make sure he’s staying hydrated after his procedure.
Supplements - zoomed reptical w/o d3, I’ll have to get the others after but I have reptivite for vitamins. Calcium w/d3 and vitamins twice monthly.
Watering - He has an auto mist set for 120 seconds multiple times a day.
Fecal Description - Fairly normal , white urates
History I adopted him last September.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - DIYcage 2x2x4
Lighting - Reptisun uvb tube light, should be a 5.0. Zilla basking light.
Temperature - Highest is 90, ambient ranges from 63-88.
Humidity - Between fogger and mister it stays between 57-74
Plants - Pothos!
Placement - Bedroom on a 2’ tall stand. By my window, which he seems to enjoy on warmer days. I cover it and/or move him a bit on colder days.
Location - virginia

Current Problem - I found him when I got home just laying weirdly, almost slumped over, on his branch. All feet minus one were gripped and he immediately perked up when he saw me. I gave him a waxworm so he doesn’t seem too unhappy but it concerned me due to the procedure he had to remove an old abscess on his wrist.



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I’m not a vet, expert, keeper of panthers or even all that savvy; but my chams sometimes get lazy, sit weird, look lethargic, etc. My view is always the same: don’t panic, if they be taggin’ bugs and crushin’ the h2o, they aren’t doing too bad. If it bothers you, make a vet appointment. Also, an interesting point you’ve inadvertently made: what a great pool of data we might tap into with more live feed cameras to tell us what our chams are up to when we’re not around. Food for thought.


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My thought will be he is a 3 yrs older seems he is carrying lots weight on him, usually when the cham in that age he will needs to eat good quality vegetables gutload diet with the feeder.
Also try feed him early in the day time, cause they need proper digestion right after they eat...that means without the proper basking ..he wont fully digest his food in the stomach...I used to get up very early in the morning to feed all my cham so they can have a better n longer digestion before the night time temperature drops..
I found him when I got home just laying weirdly, almost slumped over, on his branch.
With the pain on his leg n those weight on top of him that is the reason he laying weirdly ..he is hurting and he is hurting very badly...
Try give less but more quality gutloaded food for him...dubia and wax in his situation probably too much for him stick with silkworm will do him better ...these are just my observation with your cham...hopefully will help.


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My guy sometimes leans sideways on a branch. Is he resting? Maybe he is just angling his body to get more surface area facing the basking bulb.
I will say he’s puffed up in the pic. It’s about as far as his anger goes with me. Though he is kindddaaaa pudgy. Lol. I’ve veen feeding him a bit less. It’s probsbly the hornworms.
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