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hello im getting worried about my little chamy he is sleeping most of the day for the past 5 days and also i think looks small for 4months? around 10cm without the tail.And sorry for my english :)
Cage Info:

* Cage Type - home buildt wood with vents on both side and the whole top 120x90x80cm
* Lighting - reptiglo 5.0 26W and Exo Terra Sun Glo Neodymium basking spot lamp
* Temperature -around 28-30C at the basking spot and around 22-25 at the cooler area
* Humidity - 50-60% when not misted and around 70-85% when misted misting 3 times a day
* Plants - live plants ficus tree and a few (Epipremnum pinnatum),hibiscus and dracena
* Location -in my bedroom not much traffic no other pets in the room

Chameleon Info:

* Your Chameleon - almost 4 months veiled male
* Feeding -dusted with sticky tongue farms MINER-ALL crickets he hasent been eating very good lately 1-2 crickets a day small crickets and the mealworms i have he is not interested in
* Watering - misting and a dripper
* Fecal Description - brown and white/yellow not seen any for 2-3 days now tho
* History -just got him like 2 weeks ago everything was good until about a week ago when he started gaping and it looked like he was puking his tongue out but he dosent do that anymore.
* Current Problem -sleeping most of the day not so interested in food/water and when he do want to eat he wont extend his tongue fully just a couple of centimeters 1-3tops and for the most time the crickets wont stick to his tongue i will try post some pictures if i get the hang of it

have you tried feeding him more food? or more types of bugs?

Can you take him outside for some natural sunlight?

Does he ever open his eyes?

How much foliage is in his cage?
only crickets and mealworm yet but he kinda eats 1 or 2 (1-1.5cm)crickets then he wont eat more(i got a cup inside his cage with mealworms i have seen him eat 3 of them and thats it and that was like 4days ago never touched them since and he just ate 1cricket and left the other onces
and yes he has his eyes open when he walks around and he got quit alot of plants and sticks/branches
and im affraid i cant take him out in the sun cuz my apartments balcony is glassed
so i guess that will block the UV from the sun
So when exactly does he close his eyes? in the cage, or out? for how long?

ANd you could take him down into a park or let him sit on a bush nearby, you would be surprised at what a few days in natural sun can do for a cham who isn't feeling well.
when ever he stops moving he closes them like he would fall asleep inside and outside his cage and he closes them for quite a while until he start moving again and that can be over 10mins or so
It could be that your basking bulb is too intense for him.

Try using just a regular house bulb and see how he does.
just because its only 75 watt, doesn't mean its not to intense, ive found that different brand bulbs even when the same wattage, can appear brighter and stronger than others.

besides- you don't have to buy an expensive basking bulb when a regular house bulb is what like 95% of the forum uses.
If I'm correct, you have a UVB supply in your reptiglo bulb and that basking light also has UVB? I think you've got too much going on there with the basking light. Give him a regular light bulb for that. The basking spot is just for heat, it does not need to have UVB as well if you are supplying it with another bulb. All that UV could be hurting his eyes.

Good luck!
the repti glo is not going to bother him unless he was a little baby.

if CLP is right, and that basking bulb has uvb in it, then that could definitely be the cause of your eye shutting issue.
it shoulnt be any uvb in the basking light atleast.It only says on the box only "Stimulates natural behaviour through UVA rays
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