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i have my cham Budweiser in a very active basement and he always stays awake at night when i am downstairs playing pool. i just drapped a sheet over the cage but air can still get in. Does anyone think this is a problem or it is perfectly fine? i want my bud to get proper sleep


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It is fine. Just be careful if your lights are on a timer and the sheet is over the lights when they come in. It can be a fire hazard.


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welcome. I do not have my lights on timer anymore, but I had thrown a light blanket over one of the cages and forgot about the lights coming on in the morning and I ran into the room when I remembered and there was a hole starting to burn in the blanket!
Also if using a towel or sheet this will hold dust and possible breeding ground for bugs,mites or bacteria.
I use a opaque black plastic to cover them up lol

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