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Hi, are Chams generally night owls or day dwellers? Should I turn off lighting when it’s their time to sleep?chammy007

Sammy Grigio

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They should be on a 10-12 hour lights on lights off schedule. All lights should be turned off every night at the same time and turned back on the following morning at the same time every day. To say they are a creature of habit is a gross understatement. They are diurnal and sleep like bricks through the night.


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Chammy..... You've been asking simple questions for more than three months now. And the truth is, I don't think you're ready to be a chameleon owner, at all. If, in three entire months, you haven't done any research on the lighting requirement and daylight schedule of chameleons, it makes me very worried that you have hardly done any research on your own.

You cannot expect us to do the work for you. The fact that chameleons are diurnal and must have NO lights on at night is one of the most basic items of chameleon knowledge, which you could find from any care sheet in existence. What this tells me, is that you have not read even a single caresheet in existence.

Do. Your. Research.
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