Sleeping alot, left eye shut, help!

I'm sorry.. but you do have a responsibility to care for this guy. I'm sure @jannb can inform you on a vet in your area.
If it is financial reasons I would look into getting insurance for jack. I pay around $9 a month for insurance for Reptar.
Here is something on mbd for you to read if you want..
Metabolic bone disease takes a long time to develop, and conversely takes a long time to resolve. Correcting your husbandry and providing adequate calcium, nutrition through gutloading, and UVB is the first critical step. However, the deficit of calcium needs to be addressed with additional supplementation before the body can function normally and begin to heal. A small drop of liquid calcium (without D3) can be given twice daily for a month to replace the calcium deficit. A vet may have to give injectable calcium to replace the deficit in more than mild cases. UVB, especially in the form of unfiltered sunlight, is essential. Force feeding may be required to nurse a weak, very ill chameleon back to health. If there are broken bones already unfortunately they will need time to heal on their own because if a cast or splint is applied it can actually cause more breaks to occur since the bones are so weak. A hospital cage that is shorter with wider perches and a towel on the bottom to cushion falls should be provided to prevent further injury. It is very important to address MBD as soon as symptoms are noticed to stop the damage being done. Sometimes symptoms are so severe that chameleons will not survive, despite aggressive treatment, due to permanent organ damage. But some chameleons can make truly remarkable recoveries from severe MBD with a lot of intensive care.

I hope this helps...
Well, I got back from the vet! They confirmed MBD and are ordering liquid calcium for us! They also said he might have a vitamin A deficiency (hence the closed eyes) and said to give multivitamins once a week for now.
I'm so happy you took him in and he's going to get the help he needs! You are awsome! Look into nationwide pet insurance though it may help you out with vet visits like I said I pay $9 a month not bad.
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