sleep too much?


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My 3 months old Male panther has been sleeping a lot.
The lights turn on at 7am and off at 7pm. However, I dont see him move from his sleeping position until after 11am and he goes to sleep around 6 pm.
Is this normal?
How many hours during the 12 hour cycle do you see your cham up and about?
Would actual sunlight make them tired since i let him basking in the sun daily for few hours?
That's interesting, my cham gets ready for bed around 6pm and will wake up by 7am. But I know he doesn't fall asleep until 8 or 9pm. Even though they look asleep they may actually not be sleeping.Are there any lights near his cage? You could try covering the cage at night so you know there can't be any lights bothering him. Most importantly do you wait to turn his lights on til whenever he wakes up? My lights are on a timer, turn on at 7:15am and off at 7:15pm. I think that would not be normal if you are turning his light on and he's sleeping through it/not moving for a couple hours.
the lights are on a timer, 7am on and 7pm off. there are no other lights that could bother him during his sleep. He doesnt start moving around until at the latest 10am.
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