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My veiled has developed some sort of problem with the skin on his back. The skin has turned an ash-y color and now that he is shedding it almost looks scabby. can they get fungus's. there are no local vets that i know of to take him to. he's eating fine but he's not very active
I really do not have any experience with chameleon skin problems. Maybe you can find something in one of the links here: chameleon links.
If you could post a picture it would really help. Its not a burn is it?
Sounds like it brad. Or unless he's shedding and it's the 1st part but, most chams shed fast and you can almost witness the event. Is it a burn? It's only 1 spot?
My cham has had some problems shedding in the past. It's hard to tell what's going on from you discription. I would suggest applying warm water to the area to help remove the skin but do not pull it off. If the shedding does not complete the skin will cut off the circulation and can cause brown or black spots, loss of toes, limbs, spikes, ect. I would stay clear of store bought shedding products
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