Skin "curl" on casque


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I didn't think too much of what looked like a tightly curled piece of skin dangling to the side of Fractal's casque. He's shedding and since we are still fighting the dehydration of his recent escape, I took him to the shower for a 20 minute session. I touched the skin and it was bone hard. Even after the soaking to which I made his head be in the water more than he or I was comfortable with. I tried to remove the "stick" off the casque and found it quite connected. Upon closer examination, I wonder if he scathed the top of his casque off on the metal above? Although the immediate area looks alright, it might be a different shape (gouged out and dipped in now). Not being able to get it off, I put neosporin on the attached area to at least keep it moist for falling off naturally. Also, noticing the corners of his mouth are slightly yellow, I neosporined that too. I'll try to include the best picture I could obtain. He is thoroughly ticked off as you will see.

Hm... the cut and paste did not work here. I can only send the picture to a real email. Sorry.. I've not got the hang of doing pics here.... so I guess for now I can put it in the gallery. I hate doing that.... there's all these ratty pictures of Fractal at his worst in there. <G> (don't know how to delete there yet) Fractal's current cage... the white one has been added so you can check husbandry. New white flooring has been added since then though.
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Is the area in the red box I highlighted what is hanging?
No.... it is from the top and looks like a bit of the mid "fin" has been scooped out, possibly. Though I see no sign of surface problem there. Although, it does seem to dip there now. Did he heal overnight? I have posted a picture on my gallery if you'd like to see for yourself. Thanks Jordan. Much appreciated. The picture is at an angle that looks like he'e not got room between perch and top. AND he is in mid shed. Looking better this morning and the piece is waving like a scarf.
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