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Hi this is my first post. I have a vailed about 4 months old now and I'm just wondering how tame they get. He seams to like everyone even my 2 year old son if I open his door he will walk out down to the floor and to ever is about and climb to there shoulder. He loves to sit on top of the laptop screen to when you use it. He will go back to his home and if someone new comes in the room his of out again. Are they all like this
I am one on the lucky ones also! My chameleon is very mellow and if I have the cage door open and am working on the computer he will peek around the side of the screen and crawl down and come by my keyboard. He climbs easily onto everyone also. Never hisses or puffs up. Just a nice guy in general!! So yes consider yourself blessed with a nice chameleon cause many of them are just plain mean and anti-social.
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