Sinus Infection Veiled Chameleon??

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Hi there. A coworker gave me an adult male Veiled Chameleon last. Someone said "This poor guy has a sinus infection and that's the reason for the "balloon" like look !! Read up before buying these creatures. This guy has been neglected !! Antibiotics are 15 dollars and a vet visit is 65 at companion. So unless he helps this guy or someone jumps to save him he won't make it"

I don't know much about physical signs of sinus infections in Veiled Chams and I do have an appointment with a vet this afternoon but would appreciate any feedback/guidance you folks can provide me with.


You say ballon like look? Where does he look like that? Usually a sinus infection can appear on the bridge of his nose above the nostrils in the form of a bump and it can spread into the eyes and make them look bulgy. Can you post a pic please?
Veiled Chameleon Photos - Does he appear sick?

Here are 3 photos - I really appreciate your feedback!



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He does look like he has some sort of infection going on.

Casques shouldn't be puffy like that.

He also looks a bit stunted for his body size.

If you can get him outside for some natural sun, that would help.

What supplements are being used?

how much and what kind of food?

UVB bulb?

Basking temps?

Cage size?
Watering? How and how often?
I've saw pictures of this chameleon before. Im glad somebodys trying to help him get better. I hope he makes it, good luck!!!
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