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Does Anyone Raise Solkworms, I Am Trying To Raise Them And Have Gotten Them To Almost 3inches And They All Started To Turn Black And Die, I Saw The Post Where They Will Only Stop Eating When They Are Ready To Spin, But They Are Continuing To Eat And Then Just Croak?????
I authored the article that sweetpea linked you to. It is one way of raising them which has been successful for me. At the bottom are a list of sources.

If they are turning black it is likely from being too humid, not enough ventilation. There is a virus that can affect all Lepidoptera larvae and I know the US silkworm industry recently had a terrible bout with this. Everyone stopped selling for awhile as they worked to rid their locations from this virus. Silkies are also sensitive to bacteria and mold, so again - good ventilation.

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