Silkworms are a hot commodity. They usually sell out pretty quick and are hard to come by. I’d take what you can get *shrug*
Does anybody know where get silkworms for a cheap price cause costal silkworms had a good deal for silkworms itself but shipping was 30 bucks! Any ideas?
I've got a breeding colony going of silkworms and hornworms. I can sell you some once they get a tad bit larger. How many do you need?
Thanks do you have a silkworm egg care somewhere in here?
No I don’t exactly have a care sheet type of thing but I learned all my silkworm skills from @Remkon as I was once told he’s a silkworm god lol.. but you can search everything you need to know on here and you’ll learn fast but once you get it down it’s not hard... me personally I keep mine in the Incubator from start to finish just buy eggs and chow and you’ll be good
Approximately how many silkworms is too many silkworms to feed a juveneille Veiled and Jackson? Obviously, no more than they'll eat, but is too much of a good thing bad?
Yup, @Spyro88 does have Silkworms and Hornworms available! He is very helpful and nice to deal with!
I just ordered some silkworms from @Spyro88 and I agree very nice and helpful. Shipping was normal price of priority which was great and he offers a heat pack to keep them warm for only a $1 more. I am soooo excited Beman will get to eat these now in his variety.
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