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Well!!! The community here are the true silkworm gurus. I still remember comments like, it's to dirty, your food looks old, too much poop etc..... Oh yeah--- most important... You need to put them in the refrigerator (eggs). Note: had no clue what diapause was.. My journey is still in progress with : will the eggs not put in the refrigerator ever hatch- to date they have not but still look okay. Time will tell or they will eventually dry up. WE WILL SEE.
Purpose for the journey (as stated or thought before) ANYONE could do it.. :) Thanks to all here.
I did see a comment about this being an OLD THREAD--- 1 cycle isn't old. ha ha ha ! I think all threads can be used in someway.
The foods I would use would be the mulberry mix (watered occasionally for moisture) and if I wanted to add more foods the carrots (everything else might bring in bacteria-including the carrots). IMHO those were the foods that minimized mold and the silkworms ate both with minimum issues (all eaten and new food added-- no left overs to rot or mold).
Thanks again for all the help!!!!!!


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Hi silkworm journey friends - how long do I have to keep the silkworm eggs in the fridge to simulate the diapause? I put them in there then nearly forgot about them. 🙈


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Great question!
1. I tried with no refrigeration--- none hatched ever
2. I did 2 months with about 50% hatch ratio
3. I just pulled more from the fridge 2 days ago and will see what happens. Similar to your time frame ( little over 4 months).
You will have to share some pics when they start hatching. For some reason baby stuff is so cool, even roaches..
This has been one long journey so will update in about a week. :)

Have a great day


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Just received a order of silkworms. My question is do I dust them with the supplements for my chameleon or just feed them to her plain. I hear they have all nutrients a chameleon needs?


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Just my opinion: I do mine plain since I have my critters on a schedule and the worms are more of a treat. Nice and juicy with no gritty after bite. Hope others share their thoughts.


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As far as I know, two months is the minimum requirement. @redhorse, I took out about 40 of the ones that you sent me and 38 hatched. I am holding the last two just in case they are late hatchers.

Look how cute 💕

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