Silkworm Chow


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Has anyone made that silkworm chow you get off the internet? 3 cups water per 1/2 cup dry chow, then microwave 3min, stir, microwave 2min, stir and cover and let harden in the fridge?

well i recently got some for these silkworms, and i dont think it turned out right.. its still mushy even after being in the fridge, and definitely not hard enough to grate or cut. i think i put in too much water, or didnt heat it enough or something...any suggestions??
I cant be sure with out looking it up but I believe its 3 cups of water for every 1/2 pound of chow. I would either add more chow to the mix and if you are out then try and cook off some of the excess mositure.

oh ya sorry that was a typo...3 cups per 1/2 pound...well i guess i'll nuke it again and see what happens...
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