Silk moth hatching - now what?


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First one hatched. Two more to go. They all cocooned at the same time. Hope there can be a pairing. So excited.

Now my question: do I put the moth into a separate bin for mating and laying eggs? Should they lay their eggs on a paper towel? Any advise how to proceed would be appreciated.


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I like to let them lay on paper towels, but I also try to contain them during or after breeding w toilet paper rolls so that the eggs are in a nice circle. You can see pick in my blog in my signature.
I like to put the moths in a brown paper grocery bag with the top half of the bag cut off. They breed and lay the eggs in the bag. After they lay the eggs
you can cut the portion of paper bag off where there are no eggs. I date the
pieces of paper with the eggs and refrigerate for at least 6-8 weeks.
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