Sick, Stuck or Tired?


Saw my 5 month Chameleon Ranger in this position since 3:30pm when I got back from school, he hasn't done anything else but stay like that for the whole time. He is a lot paler than he usually is, and I'm worried about him being balled up like that. I'm also wondering if he is just stuck, should I help him?
looks like he may be shedding?
i wouldn't be too concerned, just monitor closely...

others will also opine...
That to me is not normal behavior to be balled up in a sleeping position at 3:30 in the afternoon with all the lights on.
It does look like sleeping colors and definitely sleeping position. I don't think that's normal for 3 in the afternoon.

I suggest you fill out the ask for help form, attach the picture again, and maybe start a new thread under the Health Clinic section if the moderators doesn't move this thread there in a few. Then hopefully you get more views and sound advice/opinions from the senior or veterinarian members here.

Good luck!
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