sick fischers cham?


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Hi there. I have a fischers cham and he is not acting normally lately. He is sluggish and lays his neck on the vine like he is going to sleep. his poop looks normal and he is eating (not much but he never has had much of an appetite). He is getting lots to drink ( i spray his plants and he licks). His temp is around 70 - 80. And humidity is around 80. He doesn't eat many crickets so it is hard to dust with calcium, although his mealworms and hornworms do once a week. Any suggestions? He is roughly around 1 year old.
any pictures???

THese guys are really suseptible to oversupplementation. Is there any indication of edema?

Also lethergy can be a sign of parasites. Little appetite also. Have a fecal done at the vet. It shouldnt be expensive.
My fischers did that when I Fed him mealworms. I found out that they wer lodging in his esophagus and were having a hard time going down ,and passing through the gutwhen i stopped feeding them to him and gave him waxworms "sparingly" he got better. This is my 2 cents i hope that it helps

thank u very much. That is pretty much all he eats. Something will have to change. He will have to stop being such a fussy little boy. He likes silkworms but when I order 100 of them only about 5 survive. (I suck at keeping them). Anyways I will have to switch him to another staple food. Can I feed anything other than crickets as his permanent staple food?
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