Hey how’s it going I have real plants and real vines and stuff in my chameleons enclosure and I found a mushroom in there this is actually one of a couple that I found I don’t think he eat them I just wanna know what kind of mushroom it is and if it’s gonna hurt him


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Really hard to say but looking into the color, cap shape, and stem width it looks like one of these...


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If it has a “nipple” or bump on the top of the cap it definitely may be one of “those kinds” of mushrooms. 🥴

Your chameleon may not eat it but your feeders may if they’re free range or escape from the tongue strike.


Psilocybin containing mushrooms bruise blue when picked. Ive always read your soil is nutrient dense when mushrooms grow. The spores had something to feed on and let the mycelium take over. The mycelium usually has a symbiotic relationship with the plant since mycelium breaks things down, helping feed the plants themselves


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i know i'm coming into this conversation late, but the likelihood is that the mushroom will come back if you still have the same plants from which it grew. The mushroom is just the fruiting part of the plant. A general truism in mushroom circles is don't eat "LBM," which stands for little brown mushrooms. They are notoriously difficult to correctly identify and many are poisonous or inedible for humans. I wouldn't take the chance with you cham. Pull it and toss it next time imo.
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