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Whan I here people on here say that they "shower" their Chameleons. What does it mean? Thanks
There are plenty of safe ways to use a shower stall to shower your chameleons. Here are a couple of mine enjoy some simulated downpours if you will...

Some love it...
Some hate it...
Most get used to it.

Male Red Bar Ambilobe Panther Chameleon

An older retired female Ambanja Panther Chameleon Breeder (rip)


Some Wild Caught females bathing in a very thick Shefflera.
Bringing up an old thread here...but I also had a few questions about showering, and thought I'd do some searching before I posted a new one. Just wondering about water quality when showering a chameleon. I live in the city and have city water, which means that it is treated with chlorine at the treatment plant. I don't think it has very high levels of chlorine in it, as I've done water changes in some of my tanks without adding dechlorinator with no ill effects. I've even used straight tap water to fill my turtle's pond, which also has fish in it (even though I don't know HOW...he usually eats everything in sight, but has left a few as roommates I guess!:)). When I mist, I add Aquatize to the water, which says that it removes chlorine. So I was just wondering whether or not it would be alright to shower a chameleon in untreated water? If not, does anyone recommend just having the chameleon in the room with you while you shower for the humidity? Thanks for any advice!
Just because you are in a city, doesn't mean your water has chlorine. There are many ways for cities to clean their water sans-chlorine. Ours has but minute trace amounts of chlorine- if any, but does contain fluoride. Haven't had issues with the fluoride- but my chameleons won't be having cavities- thats for sure.

Kristina of Melleri Discovery recently had a horrible experience with her water, destroying much of her precious (and important to the Melleri population in North America) collection of chameleons. However this wasn't something that just some tap water conditioner like Aquatize could fix- something that raised eyebrows to weather it would be safe for humans to drink long term. She now cautions and advises everyone to ask their city for an up-to-date water test result- I believe you can contact your local City hall or equivalent for this info.
I would think you would call your cities waterworks or water treatment facility directly.
We have a good friend who works for Denver Water so we have been informed of the excellent quality of our water.
I never condition ours...even for the fish...and have had no issues.
I believe we are very lucky here tho...I would advise everyone to obtain info regarding how their water is treated.

That one hit a little close to home for me as we are both in Tennessee. My local water is fine. It actually contains more calcium in an equal size glass then milk does. I try not to drink it that much as I do not want kidney stones.
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