Show me your lights!


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I currently have a dual basking/USB set up that I know I need to upgrade for my baby veiled. So can you show me your lighting set ups? Bonus points for what it is and where you got it but as a visual learner just the pics would be super helpful.


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You’ll want a linear T5 HO linear UVB. Probably a Reptisun 5.0 or Arcadia 6%.

For heat, it’ll depend on the age of your chameleon and gender.



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I use an LED plant light for my plants.
A T5HO 5.0 UV lamp that is 24" and an incandescent 75 watt heat bulb on each of my three enclosures

I wanted to use led grow lights as well but I heard they don't light red lights or other color lights due to light sensitivity . is this true ????
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