Should I vary his diet?

Hello! I am the proud mommie of a 5 month Ambilobe Panther Chameleon named Ranger and I am wondering about if it is good to vary his diet? And at his age what should he be feed with the different foods.

Currently I have:
Wax worms

I'm worried about the super worms though when I opened up the box they looked like monsters (I guess that is why they call them Superworms)
They seem so big as well maybe I should wait till he is older or maybe cut them in half.

The wax worms look pretty appealing, I read they were high in fat or something, and they seem safer than then monstrous Superworms.

The mealworms might be heavier on the stomach (same idea for super and wax worms) but I feel that they offer no nutrious value what so ever.

I do have a calcium spray for his food for essential supplements and such.

Also since I am trying to teach him to cup feed do you recommend a type of insect to feed him more than he other when it comes to cup feeding?

Ranger and I thank you in advance :D
Got an image for some help, and to gush about how handsome he is :p


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I personally would not feed wax worms, super worms, or meal worms. I would go with crickets, hornworms/silkworms, and roaches. This gives a bit of variety and good nutrition. In my opinion these would make much better choices.


Wax worms, mealworms and superworms are alright for a treat, but shouldn't be part of a staple diet.

As TreeTopChameleons stated, Hornworms, Crickets and Roaches are good food sources. Be sure to gutloat the crickets and roaches! :D (I haven't ever seen hornworms in the stores or online here, so I have no idea whether or not they can actually be gutloaded... I think I read somewhere that they cannot be gutloaded).

Silkworms are also an amazing feeder for chameleons!

Some other choices are Flies (Blue Bottle), Phoenix worms and locusts/grasshoppers. These are prey I feed since I can't start a roach colony yet, and we have no silkworms or hornworms available as stated above.

Mantids and stickbugs are also viable feeder sources :)

Just always remember to gutload where you can! :D Variety in a chameleon's diet is optimal for good health.
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