Should I keep a snake and a chameleon in the same room


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Hello i have an adult veiled chameleon and im about to get a hognose snake. They aren't gonna be in the same cage but is it ok if they are in the same room with visual barriers of course. The snake will have a locked up cage and the chameleon has a locking cage too. Would this be ok?
I agree it should be fine, just know snakes are escape artist so make sure he can't get into the chameleon cage.He might not even be interested in the chameleon since it is cold blooded and will be the same heat as the surroundings.


Definitely not all snakes have heat pits. I thought it was just vipers and pythons? Or am I making that up. I refuse to turn to google, I enjoy exchanging knowledge with other people :)


I know that it's debated whether Hog Noses are actually venomous, but it seems the general consensus is that they do, just that the potency or amount of their venom is on the same level as a wasp sting.


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Shouldn't be a problem with the visual barriers in place. I have seen lizards stress when being able to see the snake, the snake doesn't care though lol. Just remember to quarantine your new snake away from your chameleon before keeping them in the same room :)


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Hognose snakes are rear fanged. There mild venom does not effect people. It's used to help subdue there food (frogs and lizards).
Snakes and lizards are commonly kept together in the same room.


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As long as you have those visual barriers you mentioned, whatever they are, you should be fine! I have a snake and a cham too! They're in different rooms though because my chams free range area is in the same room as his cage, and it wouldn't be convenient in my case to make sure the cham doesn't see the snake and vice versa.


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I am the authority on this. Observe my Sig.

I currently have my Chams in the same reptile room as a dozen adult tree boas. No real visual barriers, the tree boas hardly ever move during the day anyway.

Anyway, no issues.
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