should i get male or female?

shane dewar

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a guy is selling dwarf midlands chameleons and i am going to buy 1:), but im not sure if i should get male or female.which 1 would do u think be easier to keep as i am still a bit of a newbie to chams
thanks in advance
cool looking chameleons for sure. Sorry I cant be more help on what would suite you best. From other species standpoint males always seemed a little easier to handle since they dont reproduce which is more care and understanding involved.

good luck on what ever your choice is and post some pics ;)
me personally a male due to egg laying with the female. The Females will lay eggs whether they have been mated or not so you have to prepare a laying bin in your cage for that. Sometimes they will not lay even with the bin and they will be come egg bound. They will die from this if the eggs do not come out. This means a vet bill$$$$$ to aid them in getting rid of the eggs. The males are more vibrantly colored also as with most of the animals in the wild. Edit: Sorry, I did not see what type of cham you are getting. I know there are some species that bear live young and I do not know if they are one of them and do not want to give you the wrong info!!!!
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I'm pretty sure they are a live bearing species carol but yes females still can have complications id imagine.
these guys are livebearers and i think i will get a male. i have 1 more question can you keep a male and female together because some sites say you can and if so then i will get 2
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