Should I be worried ?


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Woke up this morning to put her lights on and found she wasn’t where she usually is, there’s a lot of coverage in her “cage” so took me a while to spot her but she was nearly the best very bottom of the cage, I watched her for a few minutes and out of no where tried to eat mud/ substrate off the floor of the cage. So I moved her without handling her to the top of her cage and she’s chilling there now… is there any explanation for this?

She’s fed routinely everyday and gets enough feed along with her supplements and gets the right amount of water everyday too.

Has anyone had this before, very confused 🫤


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Update - she’s been walking around her cage and keeps striking at random things with her tongue …

She had just gone for a wee/poo and tried to eat it but I’ve cleaned that out as soon as I saw where it landed …

Acting like she’s never eaten a day in her life lol, a little worried


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Heard of them eating dirt and seen all of mine do it more then once. Now eating poop never heard or seen that.
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