Should i...? baby jacksons?


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:(:( i lost my sweet chameleon yesterday. and i am thinking about getting some more (because i loved mine so much he was great) i was thinking about getting two jackson chameleon babies, a female and male. and keeping them in the same cage and (hopefully) them grow up and eventually breed?? i'm not exactly an "advanced" owner of chameleons but i have other lizards and i had my senegal chameleon for about a year. anyways, i thought that once they are grown, i'll be more advanced (reading and studying as well) for me to try to breed them. i know they are complicated.

does that sound like an ok idea?
Hi, a couple things i would recommend to you. One, i would read as much as you can before buying another chameleon. Two, im not saying a jacksons is super hard to keep but in my opinion it is one of the more sensitive species normally kept. Three, i hope you are not wanting clutch mates. When breeding you will want to figure out a game plan for selling them before you begin.

This is a great read for you to start off with. This goes over many great care points.
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