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Brian S

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Hey Guys, this coming summer i plan on expanding my cham collection a few more. right now i'm kind of looking into the rarer locales of panthers as i find i can easily fill their care requirements. So if any of you guys have a:
-*Ankaramy Panther*
-*Mafana/ Nosy Mitsio Panther*
-Tamatave Panther
-Andapa Panther
-Diego Suarez Panther
-Maybe a REALLY nice Ambilobe

Again this is NOT immediately and i do not intend to purchase one of each of these, so it could be from a clutch that hasn't hatched yet or babies that aren't sellable yet. And trust me, trying to ship to the mountains of utah in the dead of winter is no easy task, just ask Jenna from Prism Chams!

Thanks much guys.
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