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I bought two smaller shefflera at Walmart, under $5 each, good. But yesterday I went to our local nursery and saw a very large one, about four feet tall, that was more "tree like" it had a trunk, and then filled out at the top. How would I encourage my shefflera to grow like that? I cut off the lower leaves of the one shefflera, and just left the other one. Will this work?

I was about to buy the one at the nursery but the $392!!! pricetag stopped me. I live in Fort St John, BC, way up north and the selection of plants does leave a lot to be desired. I am not getting a cham until the end of May, and would like to have everything ready by then. I will be traveling to Edmonton to get it, and can pick up plants then too.



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well its one of these 2 probably. 1) An older one that probably grew for 3-4 years 2) a total different type of schleffera.

If you want to make one grow a lot. Keep one out of the cham chage and put some miracle grow in it. I did it for a hibiscus and it shot up ALOT! Of course you will need to repot it etc, but it will get larger. Also, put it in a window or something so it can get sun.



I have tons of time, I am planning on just getting a juvie/young baby this spring. I also plan on looking around when I go to Edmonton, and keeping my eyes/ears open, there is usually someone looking to get rid of house plants.


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sorry to bring up an old thread but thought it'd be better than starting a new one on the same topic...

Are there any types of shefflera that should be avoided??
There was one at my local garden centre but the larger (probo a year older) shefflera's had a label on it advising that it may cause skin irritations - The smaller ones did not - is that just a warning that garden centres put on to cover thir backs or are there some known toxic ones? (can't recall exact name)

Thanks in advance.
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