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Buddah has now started his first shed since I have gotten him. I'm very excited since I've started to notice his orange start to come in. What I'm wondering is what should I expect or do. I've been spraying and misting alot to keep up the humidity and will probably give him a shower. So far he doesnt look like he is having any problems so I guess I will just let him do it himself. I am also wondering what to expect in terms of eating/drinking. He has been doing very well lately but I want to keep his stress down. Basically I'm wondering if I should just treat it like any other day or if I should give him a little bit of space during this process. I don't anticipate any problems but being this is his/my first shed I just want to make sure everything goes smoothly. Look forward to any posts about what you guys have learned, also I'll have pics up once he is all done.
^ Oh. Hungry Chameleons Huh. How Often Should You Expect Shedding?

Also What Humidity Are You Keeping It At?
Whenever my Chams are shedding, I raise the humidity up to around 70-80% to help them out. And non-shedding days it is usually around 45%. Or if I'm not busy and the Cham is shedding, I will put him in the shower.
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