Shedding trouble


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Three weeks ago, my 7 month male veiled started his shed. The thing is that he only shed the first half of his body and left only the tail. Then now he is starting to shed his tail. This is the first time this has happened and I can't figure out what is causing this. I have been having humidity problems because it's been hard to maintain a consitant humidity right now. Anyways here is my husbandry sheduale:
Crickets, Dubia, Discoid, zophoba, silkworms.
All food is dusted before feeding and gutloaded.
I feed 10 crickets in the morning and alternate the rest late afternoon
I try to feed an equivalant to 15 feeders a day.
mon-weds I dust with rep cal calcium with D3
Thurs-Fri I dust with rep cal calcium with NO D3
Saturday- every two weeks I dust with rep cal multivitamines
Sunday there is no dusting going on
Once a month I dust with nature zone probiotics
Collard Greens, Romain lettuce, Sweet potato, Carrots
I gutload all insects except for silkworms with these the night before feeding
I mist 3 times a day 8:00am, 12:00pm, 3:00pm
On really hot days, I run a 24 hour dripper
Water is treated with rep cal decholrinizer
Humidity has been a problem lately. After misting it will drop from 60% to 14% really fast. I was using a warm mist humidifier but stopped because was afraid of bacteria build up.

-lighting and temps
Reptisun 10.0 36"
One basking bulb that gives basking temp of 80*F-89*F
Ambient temps get to 75*F-82*F
There are plenty of live plants in my cage
Hibiscus, pothos, madagascar jasmine, umbrella plant, Ficus Benjamina
My cham eats the leaves off of all plants usually before bedtime
I use supersoil topsoil for the pots
My custome built cage is 48"Tall x 40"wide x 31" deep
I pick up poop and dead feeders every morning
Once a month I wipe down all leaves and branches
My cricket bin is cleaned out every 4 days and all spoiled food is removed and replaced.
I can't really tell why the tail is shedding so late. What types of problems can arise with my situation? Can a cham get sick if they don't shed all the way? I beleive it has much to do with my humidity problem. Can anyone give me some tips on how to prevent this in the future sheds? Thanks
how long do you mist? try spraying him head on so once he is wet he will hopefully go towards his heat lamp and it may help get the old skin off. this worked very well for my water dragon, shed was very quick
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