shedding problems?


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My veiled has not shed the skin on his head yet. It is still firmly attached, though really waxy and dull looking. The rest of his body has shed perfectly and is already done. I have never seen him do this before. His appetite is less, which always happens when he sheds, but that never takes this long.
I have tried extra showers and it still isn't working. He is still active as normal, but it is just stubborn and not flaking off.....any suggestions?
increase the humidity in the cage or spray him with water just be careful you don't hit his eyes do more of a misting then spraying just last week i notice my male didn't shed completly on there head so i spray the old skin and it came off
the shower has water directly hitting the skin- the cage humidity is 50 at the lowest and he is hand misted a couple times a day, plus a timed misting system 3 x a day.
His crickets also get dusted and he gets silkworms as well, so I am ruling out nutrition issues- nothing, as far as I can control, has changed.
gently rub the chameleon head to try and losen the skin off his head. start by rubing his crest and slowly work your way down the rest of the head try not to cause to much stress and don't get bit, they hurt
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