Shedding Problems

I do not need anyone on here who is not going to give advice. I also do not need condescending comments thank you. I have filled out the questionnaire people post on here so feel free to check my other post.
PROBLEM: My chameleon has taken longer than 3 days to shed and I mist extra often but it doesn’t seem to be working, the skin is completely surrounding his legs and the back of his body and tail. His head and middle of his body shed but his limbs are what I’m worried about!!! What can I do to guarantee the shed will come off?? I’ve tried buying the shedding spray but I sprayed him once and it made him twitch and I seen a vein in his head twitch so I thought it was definitely not for him. Please help!
The limbs are definitely not dead, and when he sleeps his whole complete body turns super bright green so that tells me they’re still good


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Would you mind posting some pictures so we have a better idea of how it's looking, and if you need to intervene?

Make sure when you're misting that you're doing your best not to directly spray your cham. Chameleons are "dry shredders", and getting the shed wet may actually make things worse! They require a layer of air between the shed and their skin to effectively shed, and when it gets wet it can stick the layers back together.


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Please do not try to assist your chameleon shedding.

I agree with what @GoodKarma19 said. Pics would be super helpful.

It usually will take chams a few days to shed completely with limbs and tails being the last to finish. So I wouldn't be too concerned until it's been over a week. Also reiterating what was said above, since chams are dry shedders I would stick to your normal misting schedule and cut out the extra sessions.
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