shedding look normal & bulb suggestions?


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okay so lemme address 2 things!!
1.) her other heating light (a non colored one) is bad, so i need to order a new one. this red one is temporary! any suggestions on a good bulb? (preferably on amazon!)
2.) i’m cleaning her cage rn so there’s no plants at the top layer lol, just wanted to snap a quick pic to ask the question which is

does my chameleons shedding look normal to y’all? she hasn’t shedded everywhere like this since i got her, i’ve had her for a few months. she’s she’d a bit in small areas but never all around so let me know!!


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Shedding looks normal...

Per the lighting. Red lights are a big no no they can harm their eyes. Use a regular incandescent household bulb. 60 watt should get you the 78-80 basking temp for your female. Also lighting should come from the top of the cage for proper basking and to ensure they can not get too close and get a thermal burn.
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