Shedding, dark and shivering?

Sam Carline

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Hi everyone,

My baby veiled cham is now 11 weeks old.. He has shed once before with no problems, but this time round he seems to be very unhappy.

He is a very dark green and he is just sitting in the top right hand of his tank amoungst his plant. Also whilst I watched him he looked like he was shivering as if he was cold but his tank is plenty warm enough???

I'm worrying massively that he might be ill :( can anyone give me any advise?

The shivering was only for a few seconds but because he is so dark green I am worried that he is really unhappy or ill?? x


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When my veiled was a baby, he was also like that. He grew out of it when he was older. Just ensure that your setup is good to go.
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