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Hi- another question on my new guy- the past two days he has been not eating as much as usual. I looked tonight and found him in a plastic bowl I have near the bottom of the enclosure (it is still up about 3 inches) He is still active though and is moving around a lot. He is usually sleeping right now (about midnight). I know I read somewhere to be worried when chams stay near the ground, but he is still active and following me around with his eyes. I also noticed his legs are shedding right now and coming off in nice big patches (that means ok on the humidity, right?) He is now turning in circles rubbing his butt against the plastic which I have no clue what that means.
What my question is, is this normal behavior or anyone know anything about it? When I had desert flatrock lizards they stopped eating near shedding time, but I have never had an arboreal species. The sitting in the plastic bowl is strange as well.
Any help would be great. Thanks, Danielle
Update: Did not eat at all today, but drank when I misted him. He is still active and there is skin hanging off in a couple spots. He is more concerned with hiding than basking today
From the small amount of experience ive had I have not seen a big decrease in hunger while shedding. The siting in the bowl makes me a little woried. How did he get in there? Could he get out on his own if he wanted?
Ok...he hasn't eaten yet but he is crawling around the cage now. Most of the shed is off now and it is just on his head (not around his eyes) and his belly yet. It is pure white and I think it is just hanging there. Hopefully he will eat tom
danille, send us pic's of your setup, the more the better.
Also give current cage spec's " lighting, water, heat "
I have seen few posts from you here and wonder if it is your setup or something to do with your setup. Always remember not to worry but, you owe it too the poor creature :)
This problem is solved. He ate for a couple days and then went on another span of not eating for two weeks- thought he was going to die, but now he is eating voraciously. I give him up to 20 crickets a day and there are only 1 or 2 left by night. Nothing changed with the enclosure, moisture or temp so I am not sure what was wrong with him, but it is better. He also shed again with no problem so I do not have to worry about it anymore.
Good job! Glad to see your cham is going to make it. I am glad to also see that you followed up, thanks!
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