She is digging. AGAIN.

Hey everyone. Well over the past couple days Clea has been wandering aroudn the bottom of her cage a lot. So today i put in a laying bin and she has been in there digging. I hope everythign goes alright for her. They are INFERTILE eggs. Im not sure how she keeps producing infertile eggs as i cut back on feeding, lowered her wattage, and have been paying attention to her schedules and what she does. I couldn't feel eggs at all, and she still eats. She is just full of surprises.

PS- A ton of Thank You's to BridGoFaith for helping me out ! :D
y dont you just breed her might as well get some babies

he did once for experience...but if you knew the time and care and money to raise babies you would not comment otherwise...

goodluck stefan

Yes i did breed her once and got 40 babies last summer. Great experience but so much care needed to go into them ! I will do it again when im older.
Plus them laying eggs and mating is very hard on their bodies.

Thank you for the good luck.

I was freaking out about mine a few days ago but. Mine layed her first clutch ever she is now recovering after laying 46 infertile eggs. Good luck
You could leave a small light, like a nightlight on in the room if you wanted. She might sleep in the hole tonight and start again first thing in the morning.
Good luck Clea! You can do it girl! I am always a bag of nerves when Amy lays, as I was with Lily. Thankfully Amy has only laid that one clutch, although I believe she may lay the next clutch at some point this month. Lily laid her clutches 4 months apart.

How old is Clea now? When did she lay her last clutch?
Your racking up a fair lot of experience now Stefan! :)
I'm sure all will go well for her in your care mate
best wishes :)
She sure did. She laid 23 little infertile eggs yesterday ! I gave her crickets and misted her down well right after she was done ! I will post pictures tomorrow as today is my birthday and I will be busy :) thank you everyone that wished both me and Clea good luck !
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