She died.

Toothless the cham

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As some of you may know that I got a female chameleon about 2 months ago. I had named her slinky. I woke up this morning my dad and told me that she had passed. I looked into the cage and she was lying there dead on her branch. just the other night she didn't like she was choking so made an appointment. Even if she was choking I didn't see anything in her mouth. Here's a picture to see if anybody could deduct how she died. 1554985050599786140148765963020.jpg 15549850759558056605459245975260.jpg 15549850872013896777130352320327.jpg
I don't know what to do anymore or if I should get a new chameleon or just stop. I was hoping I won't have to make one of these posts for at least a couple years. This is just too soon.


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If they "look" healthy, then its normally a upper respiratory(they can go down in days with the only sign being a popping noise when breathing), or a congenital defect. There has been plenty of cases where a malformed organ could support the animal till that last growth phase before adult when they put on the most weight ever in a few months. I even had one that was born with a cyst in its chest, and just dropped at 6 months.

I am sorry for your lose, but the cham looks healthy in your care.


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i am so sorry for your loss, my guess would be internal problems whether its from impaction, parasites or respiratory infections. your cham looked to be in good health and i wouldnt let this discourage you from the hobby.


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@Toothless the cham No, you should not get another Cham until you understand and correct your husbandry. You’ve made 3-4 panicked post in the last 2 months begging for help and I’m struggling to find where you’ve corrected any of the issues you’ve had.

Is this the same female in your post below? The one coughing up bubbles and drowning in her own bodily fluids?

If I’m wrong please correct me.

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If you keep critter, stuff happens. The only person you should listen to is yourself. You have to challenge yourself to learn and grow. Even if you dont get a new cham, this can be a good pivot point for you. My suggestion is that you learn the subtle cues and follow through with the appropriate level of care. Im so sorry for your loss. You showed a lot of courage to get on here and share. Thank you for sharing and allowing the rest of us to grow and learn from this. KEEP YOUR CHIN UP!


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I really feel bad for u and the cham.....
if I should get a new chameleon or just stop.
I think u should not be in the rush to get another one until u learn all the chameleon care 101 lesson completely.
Its very hard to stare at that empty cage every day...but u can stare in ur computer screen n learn thru from ur mistake.
Knowledge will be the power to help your next journey of ur chameleon keeping..mark my words Toothless the cham...see u around in the forum.


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Is this the same Cham that you posted about a couple days ago that wouldn’t “shoot her tongue”?


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Hi hun. I am very sorry for your loss. I would hold off on getting another one right now. While she may have had health issues prior to you getting her requiring Vet care. I think all in all you have a beautiful Male that will keep you busy. And you can continue to dial in all your husbandry. :)


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I’m so sorry for your loss. I would focus on your male for now and you can do more research into females. When you are ready for a new one I would get one from a reputable breeder. There are some on this site that I’m sure would be glad to help you out.


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I’m so sorry for your loss.... If you still want to be in the “reptile” category maybe a Beardie? They have great personalities... Rest easy girl.


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Sorry to say this, she looked healthy overall, eyes arn't sunken in, and colours are still bright. weird

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Sorry for your loss. Looks like on your profile you're 12 years old, is that correct? You should see if your parents could help you with the husbandry before getting another one. Figure out what you did wrong. Ask your parents if they are willing to take the chameleon to the vet, when it gets sick. If they aren't I would recommend not getting one until you can take it to the vet yourself.
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