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So Wednesday I went to my local Pet store to buy crickets, worms, etc For Uncle Sneaky Castroo.. When I was leaving the store This guy came in with his chameleon in hand. I Instantly asked him questions as in his age, etc. (He was 5). Friendliest chameleon I've ever met. He didn't seem phased by anything. I extended my hand and he instantly climbed to it without hesitation. He never hissed, he stayed at his happy colors all the time. He mentioned that his Chameleons (he is a breeder) have never been in a cage as they're free range at his home. When i asked him about his diet he said Crickets dusted with the regular supplements and blueberries. He also mentioned He has seen them catch flies. I went to meet this guys batch cuz I'm interested in Buying another veiled. His home was like a jungle, lots of inside plants with access to the porch with just mesh all around. He puts the crickets in a feeder cup, he has a total of 6 feeder cups. when I asked if the Chameleons were territorial he said yes, but they usually never meet, they avoid each other. All of his Chameleons looked Really Healthy and all Were SUPER friendly. He told me the secret to make them that tame was to bond with them on a daily basis, right before you put them to bed lol.
anyways I just wanted to Share this experience as I thought it was awesome.
What do you guys think? have you ever Have a similar experience? He had 3 males 3, 5, 7 years of age with 2 females 3,4 years old. He said his last female, the oldest dies laying eggs, a total of 78 eggs she laid. All Super Friendly.


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This is a pretty cool story! Thanks for sharing! I suppose all breeders are different and I think it’s cool he turned his house into a jungle lol. You should have asked to take and post pics :D
I got his phone number... I didn’t take any pictures, but will definitely will when I go back to his place.. I can’t wait to go back lol


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Sounds like the chameleons own his house haha. I’m sure you can free range males and females in the same area as long as there is sufficient space which it sounds like he does have. Im sure in the wild they obviously do run into each other’s territory but how big of a territory do they need is the question? I’m a newb so I really am just going with my own thoughts on this haha. I also am wondering how he monitors breeding and such because obviously females and males free ranging is going to cause reproduction lol
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