shadlies/mayflies as feeders?

We have a small species of mayflies in my area, and I have fed them to leaf chameleons in the past. They don't live long, though! They seemed well appreciated by the chameleons.
this was weird to read too..."The mayfly belongs to group 1 taxa, or pollution–sensitive animals. This means if mayflies are in or around the water, the water should be good quality, perhaps even good enough to drink without distilling or boiling."

yet the river I always see them around is known to be quite polluted, to the point where they sometimes close the beaches in the summer.. unless they're coming from some other body of water
I hate those things, you cant even leave lights on or they coat the doors and windows. lots of stores have to keep the lights outside out and inside dim at night to keep them from swarming, so they need large signs saying they are open.
i have fed mayflies to my chams too.. they love them.. and it is cute to try to watch them follow their bouncy flight with their eyes ;)
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